Sunday, October 11, 2009

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

For months conversation about Lehman High School, the new direction of the administration, and its development into SLC's has been dominated by what it would appear are a minority of loud complaining people... with lots of time on their hands to write "creative" stories, but with little real steps being offered to make effective change. We the 19stepsahead team would like to usher in a new day, moving forward.

Everything is not right at Lehman, but on this site we would like you to point out what may be going wrong, and give some well thought out suggestions you have for them. Its easy to vent your problems and offer little else. It's easy to complain, but difficult to problem solve. And giving the same old, non-productive, haughty solutions helps no one. So lets be productive!

What we would also like to see here are reports of things that are going well at Lehman, that we might be able to reproduce these successes.


Anonymous said...

Bring back Skedula.

I can already hear the excuses about how that can't be done.

If a website (like this) can't help, forget it. I'll go back to venting and look for someone that can actually help.

Anonymous said...

The fish stinks from the head.

Anonymous said...

One thing that needs to improve is the communication between the administration and the staff. You are in too many meetings discussing whatever while real issues like being out in the hall are not being addressed. In addition, treat the staff like equals and not like children. You are professional people and we are professional people. We are both in the people business lets act like human beings. I believe many of the staff feel they are being ignored and don't have a say at all.